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Ubtan, a Hindi name for a paste of chosen herbs, is used on the face and other body parts to detox the skin of radicals and dirt. The herbal spread rejuvenates the skin that it breathes and shines. No wonder it is one of the most used herbal cosmetics today.

“Ubtan face mask” or “ubtan scrub” labeled organic cosmetic products of different brands are available in the market.

From the ceremonial usage of bride and groom to today’s daily use, Ubtan has made its place in the niche of our vanity boxes. From a paste made at home, it has become ready to use a herbal cosmetic product available in markets. As herbal cosmetic companies using the traditional formulation and integrating other ingredients offer a product that is easy to use, gives additional benefits, and is also budget-fit.

Ubtan, A Universal Product

A vital part of the ‘solah shringar’ kit in Hindu and Muslim traditions for ages, the ubtan has been the best-loved by people of China, Egypt, and Europe. “Solah shringar” is the 16 embellishments a girl goes for to beautify herself. It was one of the secrets of the beauty of Cleopatra too. She used the ubtan face mask made by mixing honey and milk. Romans use it as a face mask with honey. Women of South Asia believe that it can lighten the skin tone and have been using it on massaging their babies.

Ubtan Formula

There is no single universal fixed formula of making an ubtan paste. Its ingredients vary from land to land. The literature of Indian Ayurvedic science calls it ‘Ubvartan’ and suggests preparing it by mixing turmeric and chickpea with other substances in rational quantity.

However, the cosmetic industry is preparing it for giving extra benefits by adding the other ingredients that are not easily available at home. The herbal cosmetic ubtan is not only for exfoliation it is for fighting wrinkles, harmful UV rays effects, skin dryness, and skin toning.

The Usual organic Ingredients in Ubtan and their benefits


Turmeric is a yellow, odorless pigment scientifically called curcumin. It has calming, antioxidant, and antitumoral effects. It benefits in using topically and consumingly, both the ways.

Orally applying the turmeric seeps into the skin and inhibits there defending it from the harms of UV rays, polluted air particles. The minerals present in the herbs make it antioxidant, healing, and healthy. Studies show that right-way regular use of it clears the skin, removes blemishes, permanent marks, and lighter the skin tone.

Apricot granules/oil

Apricot is a fruit that gives magnificent benefits to the body. It granules in ubtan may tenderly shed dead cells and remove blackhead and leave a natural glow on the skin. While the apricot oil works on treating fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin aging signs.

Arranging apricot granules or oil to make a home made ubtan may be difficult for an average person. When the organic companies are offering ubtans enriched with this beneficial element then why to worry.


Saffron is a beauty enhancing herbal spice, safe to consume and use topically. Adding it to ubtan your skin fights acne, blemishes, and bacterias incubating on your skin. It is great for exfoliating the skin and even improving the skin tone.


It’s the herbal ingredient in Ubtan that brings the cooling, nourishing, and aromatic effect. It is added to tone up and tighten the skin. Studies say sandalwood works on diminishing the scars effectively.


Cucumber has cooling properties and nourishes the skin with vit C and E. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. It also gives skin tightening, toning, and nourishing effects on the skin.

By and large an ubtan may have any combination of the ingredients such as turmeric, apricot oil or granules, tea-tree oil, saffron, sandalwood, cucumber, rosemary oil, chickpea powder etc.

Celsia Organic’s Ubtan Face Mask has turmeric, apricot oil, saffron, and sandalwood. Each of the components leave beneficial effects on the skin. The product has the organic and non organic (mercury free) ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acids which are absolutely safe for the body to breathe in.

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