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Few Threads of Laughs Can Spin Warmth in Life

: Ant darling, will you marry me?!

: Hello, how many times I’ve to tell you that inter-size marriage is not allowed in our


Why not? After all, we are the only species on the earth who can laugh.

Sure, you love laughing, enjoy funny jokes and often laugh till wet eyes and aching belly?!

Sure too, both the firm standing social media walls along with busy schedules make sure jokes’ cracking and reading remain far off you? No worries as way outs are there…

Following the life dreams and retaining relations, you forget that cracking jokes was somewhere a part of your routine. Creating jokes, not pranks, finding humor, not puns are no more happening that naturally as they used to.

Shakespeare, Oscar Wild, Mark Twain and from the latest PGWodehouse have cherished humor and wit with their writings. Stopped reading them?

But trending pranksters’ videos for having huge likes and fan following, taking most of your social media wall space does not ring the happiness we want to nurture in ourselves.

Let’s see first how being a little funny and playful can make our ‘simple’ (punning) but twisted (fact) life enjoyable and carried on.

It’s Your Nature if not then Nurture It – Why?!

Why you should nurture it if it is not in you innately to have giggles, laughs, and fun at little funny gears. On average, a human gives 17 laughter reactions in a day! I hope you give more than that.

It’s for your mental wellbeing! It’s for the excellence you desire to have! It’s for the fast recoveries you pray for! It’s for the vibrant persona you lack! You have to be fun-loving, cracking jokes and finding humor in situations, words or world of life. You have to be wittier to handle the lost match or game!

Let’s peep inside a medical researches’ box too for more amazing reasons to support our concern. All four parts of your brain – front, left and right all have a concern with jokes. The front has a concern with the emotional responses. The left will read the words and structure while the right would decide the joke funny or not. The center is also not left alone from being triggered by a funny joke. If something that has connections and responding with all parts of your brain then why not have it more often in a day.

The best part is that it is linked to your healthy blood vessels – saves from a heart attack. It can boost your immune system!

“Fun is not to be taken lightly. It lightens many burdens.”

Let’s now outline the ways we can nurture humor in ourselves.

Grow Humor – improve your sense of Humor – How

Kids around are the best teachers

Yes! We often neglect to spend time with children around. Do spend time with them and notice them too. How funny they are always! They can laugh loud even on being rebuked. They find your large open eyes funny on them in anger. They can find humor in anything which you have forgotten was funny too. So why not stay with them a little for catching and learning their chuckles.

It’s the kids till age 10 who are funny and hyper witty to learn from.

Watching funny movies

Since 1895 every decade has been handing over plentiful funny and most successful films.
The first-ever funny film was the silent movie L’Arroseur Arrose’, even though the silent era had valued it.

While searching through the net the different lists of 10 or 20 or 30 comedy movies with the funny and wide smile welcome posters allures you to plunge into their world of happiness.

Reading Jokes

Reading jokes can turn on the loudest and fell-down laughs.

Jokes on husband and wife, employer and boss, teacher and student, elephant and ant are not only hilarious; they even cool down your approach towards handling those relations.

Reading comic genre

There is no shortage in classic to modern all eras of writers with their comic genre creations in literature. Chaucer with Canterbury tales launched a comic genre, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and numerous creators of the comic genre have blessed us with fun to read and nurture. Find your favorite and stay fun-loving.

Meeting the old good friends

Get-togethers with the old school or college time or childhood buddies do adorn and resonate with heartfelt louder laughs. You are with your best funny side with them.

You become nostalgic about funny stories and moments spent with them. Such meets do tinkle and trig your comic side to float up for blossom.

Play Games

Playing board or outdoor games do contribute towards keeping your mood lighter and ready for enjoying laughs. You may be playing games on your mobile or laptop but do choose the one that kindles emotions of fun but not rage.

Resolute Actions

Resolute actions are decided and planned moves towards getting a fun dose of the day. It needs when you lack this very emotion of joy and good health. Just as regular exercises tone up your body – regular bouts or sessions of laughter will not only nurture your sense of humor but also serves to the desire of great mind and body.

Its true laughter is the best medicine and it’s the needed lifestyle as well.

I hope this peek through the pick of laughs would have been an impelling read towards living with laughs and lighter moods for my readers.

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