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Learn 5 health tips from the science of Yoga – Some simple health tips for health and wellness. There are some ways of living in Indian culture that we have been following for many generations, such as fasting, ways to get up and sit, and use of copper utensils to keep water filled… About Tips.

1. Drink water from a copper vessel

Medical science is taking keen interest in the antibacterial properties of copper. Over the years there have been many experiments and scientists have discovered that water has a memory of its own – it remembers everything it touches. Due to our own memory of water, we pay attention to how to keep it in the vessel.

If you keep water in a copper vessel overnight or for at least four hours, it absorbs some of the properties of copper.

This water is good for your liver in particular and your health and vitality in general. If water is pumped with great speed and reaches your house with the help of iron or plastic pipe after going round countless turns, then due to rubbing and colliding with all these turns, there is a lot of fault in it. But along with the memory, water also has the power to get back to its original form. If you keep this tap water for an hour without moving it, then the defect automatically ends.

2. Give rest to the body, not to sleep

At what time you go to sleep, it depends on your lifestyle, but what matters is how many hours of sleep you need. It is often said that one should get eight hours of sleep a day. What your body needs is not sleep, it is rest. If you rest your body throughout the day, if your work, your exercise, everything is like a rest for you, then automatically your sleep hours will decrease. People want to do everything under stress.

I have seen people get stressed even while walking in the park. Now this kind of exercise will do you more harm than good, because you are taking everything as if you are fighting a war. Why don’t you take a leisurely walk? Whether walking or jogging, why not do it with full fun and comfort?

So the question keeps turning around that how much sleep does my body need? It depends on what kind of physical work you do. You need to decide neither the amount of food nor the hours of sleep. I have to take only so many calories, I have to take so many hours of sleep, all these are useless things to live life. The level of physical labor you are doing today is low, so you eat less. Tomorrow if you have to work more then you eat more. It is the same with sleep. The moment your body will get complete rest, it will wake up whether it is 3 o’clock or 8 in the morning. Your body shouldn’t wake up when the alarm bells go off. Once the body rests, it should wake up on its own.

3. Fast once in two weeks

You are a thing called ‘mandala’ connected to the natural cycle of the body. Mandala means that every 40 to 48 days the body goes through a specific cycle.

There are three days in every cycle in which your body does not need food. If you become aware of your body, then you yourself will also realize that in these days the body does not need food. You can live comfortably without food on any one of these days.

There comes a day in 11 to 14 days when you will not feel like eating anything. You should not eat that day. You will be surprised to know that dogs and cats also have so many reflexes. Watch carefully, they do not eat anything on a particular day. In fact, they are fully aware of their system. The day the system says that one should not eat today, that day becomes a day for them to cleanse the body and they do not eat anything on that day. Now you don’t have enough awareness to recognize those special days.

What to do then! Just to solve this problem, the day of Ekadashi has been fixed here. According to Hindi months, Ekadashi comes once in every 14 days. This means that every 14 days you can go without food for a day. If you cannot live without eating anything or your work is such that due to which being hungry is not in your control and you do not have the spiritual practice required to stay hungry, then you can take fruit food. Overall, the point is just to be aware of your system.

One more thing, if you are used to drinking tea and coffee frequently and try to keep fast then you will have a lot of trouble. There is only one solution to this problem. If you want to fast, then first of all, improve your eating habits. Make a habit of eating the right kind of food first, then think of fasting. If you try to stop your urge to eat forcibly, it will harm your body. One more thing is very important here that under no circumstances should there be coercion.

4. Sit with your back straight

It is of particular importance to be at rest of the internal organs of the body. It has many aspects. For now, we are looking at only one aspect of it. Most of the important internal organs of the body are in the chest and abdomen part. All these parts are neither rigid or rigid nor are they fixed in one place by nuts or bolts. All these organs are loose and dangling inside a mesh. These organs can get the most rest only when you make a habit of sitting with your spine straight.

According to modern ideas, rest refers to sitting back or reclined. But by sitting like this, the body parts never get rest.

In this condition, body parts don’t function as well as they should – especially when you sit down in a chair after a full meal. Nowadays a lot of travel is done in comfy chair. If you travel a thousand kilometers in a comfortable car seat, you lose at least three to five months of your life. This is because sitting in this position for a long time can damage your organs so badly that their ability to function is dramatically reduced or they become very weak.

Keeping the body straight does not mean that we do not like comfort, but simply because we understand and feel comfort in a completely different way. You can also get used to keeping your muscles relaxed while keeping your spine straight. But conversely, when your muscles are tense, you cannot keep your limbs relaxed. There is no other way to relax. That is why it is necessary that we prepare our body in such a way that the structure and nervous system of our body remain in a state of rest while keeping the spine straight.

5. Live life connected with the five elements

We were telling some people that our yoga center has a yogic hospital, so some doctors from America wanted to see it and they came to us. They were here for a week and after a week they were very angry with me. I said – “Why, what did I do? They were saying the same thing all around – “This is all rubbish! Sadhguru said here is a yogic hospital! Where is Yogic Hospital? We can’t see any beds, we can’t see anything”. Then I understood what their problem was, then I called them and I said – “What is the problem” One of the women, who had tears in her eyes, said – I came here with so much confidence and here is being deceived, There is no hospital here, absolutely nothing here and you are saying that there is a hospital here. I said – “Sit comfortably.

The idea about your hospital is that – to have many beds where you can put patients to sleep and keep giving them medicines – this hospital is not like that. Let me turn you around – all the patients are working here in the garden, and working in the kitchen. We get them to work, and they’ll be fine.

So, the most important thing is that if someone is sick, we get them to work in the garden. They have to be in contact with the earth empty-handed for at least half an hour to 45 minutes. By doing this they become healthy. Because what you call a body is just a piece of this earth, isn’t it? yes or no Where did all the countless people who walked on this earth go? Everyone is on the surface of the earth, isn’t it? This body will also move to the surface of the earth – until your friends – for fear that you may wake up again – bury you too deeply. So, it’s just a piece of earth. So it will be at its best when you maintain some contact with the earth.

Right now you walk on the fiftieth floor wearing a suit and boots all the time, and never come into contact with the earth. In such a situation, it is natural for you to be physically and mentally ill. Then I showed them – “Look this person has heart disease, that person has that disease. I introduced them to all the patients and then the patients started talking about themselves – “Three weeks ago we were like this, and now we feel very good, we have forgotten our illness.” And now all the medical parameters are also saying that they are fine. It took us a lot of effort to convince the American doctor that these people were really patients. We are also putting them to good work.

शेयर करें