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Breakfast is the most important diet of the day, but some people skip it. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes because of dieting, but doing so can be harmful.

“Skipping breakfast can have a very bad effect on health”.

To start the day, our body needs energy, which can be found in a nutritious healthy breakfast. Let us know what effect skipping breakfast has on the body.

Gaining Weight

Many people believe that they lose weight by staying hungry for a long time or skipping breakfast, so it is wrong. Rather, skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain“.

This is because when you are hungry for a long time, you end up eating more food than you need at a time and due to overeating, you take in more calories which causes weight gain.


Not having breakfast increases the risk of diabetes to a great extent”. Many reports have revealed that people who skip breakfast have a 20 percent higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Breakfast contains many essential nutrients that help strengthen the body’s immune system and fight bacteria and viruses.


Not having breakfast can lower the sugar level, due to which the BP increases”. High BP can be accompanied by minor headaches which can sometimes turn into severe migraines.

Effect on Metabolism

Skipping breakfast damages, the body’s metabolism“. By not eating for a long time, the body’s ability to burn calories is affected and due to increasing obesity, the body becomes a victim of many diseases.

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