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Nowadays, social media has become a part of our life. We share what we do, whether it is in the form of photos or status. But do you know that sharing your things/moments can harm you? If not always, sometimes.

With your personal information floating on social media, you may get robbed, even physically hurt (in some cases), and lose your hard-earned money from your bank details. Such is the danger.

Often people put many photos on social media of their vacations, places around where they live, and with family. They also knowingly or unknowingly share personal information about their lives. With this, criminals looking for opportunities know where people/victims spend most of their time, where they live, and what they do at what time. It is advisable to be cautious of what all information we can share on social media; and what not to share.

Some time ago, criminologists from the University of Gloucestershire studied 350 criminals for six months. They found that 94% of criminals kill their victims by keeping an eye on their social media, what that person does, where they go, what activities they are involved in, and then based on the information shared by us, make a plan to kill them.

The idea is not to make you fear Social media but to be cautious of what and how much of our lives we share on it. It is a powerful tool that one can benefit from if one knows how to use it wisely.

Have fun using your Social media.

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